Map & Measure Factsheets

Energy and Carbon Footprint Report

Energy, Carbon and Climate Review

Cost Analysis and Green Review

Reduce & Rebalance Factsheets


Energy, Carbon and Climate Plan


Carbon Offsetting and Neutrality

Comply & Commit Factsheets

Energy Performance Building Directive (EPBR)


Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)


Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR)


Net Zero/Science Based Targets (SBTi)


Environmental Social Governance (ESG)


Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)


ISO14001/50001 Accreditation


Future Net Zero Standard (FNZ)

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Energy Purchasing


-     Fixed Contract
-     Flexible Contract
-     Group Purchasing
-     Green Contract (REGO)
-     Green Contract (PPA)
-     Green Contract (BtM)
-     Other

Electricity, Gas and Water

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Energy Optimisation

•         Staff Engagement
•         BMS, floors, fabrics, processes
•         Building fabrication.
•         Heating, ventilation and ac, controls
•         Lighting and controls.
•         All electrical systems, inc. machinery.
•         Monitoring systems.
•         Pumps and drives.
•         Compressed air.
•         Maximum demand.
-         Other

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Energy Generation

-       Solar PV
-       Wind Turbine
-       Battery Storage
-       Biomass
-       CHP
-       Ground Source Heat Pumps
-       Air Source Heat Pumps
-       Hydrogen

-       Electric Vehicle Solutions
-       Other